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The Hinterland dress

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I've always locked a smock style dress, it's the one style that's never gone out of fashion in my book! The Hinterland dress by Sew Liberated is just the perfect slow fashion project. make t in a gorgeous linen or tencell slub (as I did) and have a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style!

I love the sleeve lenth and the sleeves were super easy to insert too! The skirt length is lovely, though I may lengthen it by a couple of inches for the next version (I'm 5ft 8" for reference!)

I thought the waist ties were quite wide...nmot sure if i did something wrong there or they are just meant to be wide! I'll narrow these next time.

I've also made the short sleeved version to save a sewing fail I had and it really hits the spot!

All in all it's a fabulous pattern, fits well and comes together quickly (always a win in my book!)

I love the idea of making this into a little cropped blouse, Think I'll get myslef some black linen and give it a try as It would work brilliantly with my high waisted trousers and skirts. There is so much inspiration out there, I'm itching to make more!

Have you given this pattern a go yet?

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