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Slow Crafting and up-cycling

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I love all types of craft but I’ve been particularly inspired by embroidery lately. I have found some wonderful examples on Pinterest (pics above) of  beautiful clothing and accessories adorned with hand embroidery. I’ve been wanting to do a craft I can pick up and put down lately, something relaxing that I can do socially and in front of the telly, so I thought I’d give it a go! 

I’ve had these ombre (or varigated) embroidery threads in my stash for a while now and throught they would be perfect for this project. You get a whole pack for only £9.50 and they really are goregous and great value, plus it means I can get a lovely graduated colour effect with minimal effort…that’s my type of craft!

I thought I’d give a new lease of life to my classic blue denim jacket, it’s very plain and could do with something to make it a bit more individual!

So I popped an embroidery hoop on it…then sat there and looked at it for ages! I wasn’t sure If i wanted something quite graphical or some beautiful flowers for my first project…

After a little browse on Instagram, looking at tattoos and artwork for inspiration, I decided to do a graphical picture of a triangle with a moon and sunrise…I may add an egyptian eye too as it turns out the triangle is looking awfully like a pyramid! 

I drew out my design with a water soluable dress making marker, it’s blue so not easy to see in these pics but was enough of a guide for me.

It’s funny how these ideas can organically develop as you go and sometimes it’s nice to just go with the flow and not plan it out to meticulously.

I used a chain stitch for the triangle and straight stitches for the rest. I'm pleased with my progress so far and will report back when it's finished!

I'm really enjoying the gentle nature of hand stitching, it's making me slow down and take my time which is a first! I think it's really important to try and take back some time for yourself. According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi crafts such as embroidery allow us to enter a 'flow' state, a perfect immersive state of balance between skill and challenge which is beneficial for our mental health.

I truley believe crafts are good for the soul :)

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