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Rainbow dress of dreams

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I was browsing the various Independent fabric shops online (as I do most nights!) and spotted that the Village Haberdashery had some more stock of the Ruby Star Rayon in THAT incredible Melody Miller rainbow print back I very naughtily ordered it!

Just look at it...dreamy or what!

I always get THE FEAR when cutting into really special fabric. But I'd already made a version of the dress before so I knew I would love it.

I went with the Myosotis dress by Deer and Doe Patterns and version A with the skirt of version B...but I have decided this week I do want to add the ruffle. I had cut the ruffle then decided it didn't need it but I think because I'm fairly pale it needs to cover more of my legs due to the light colour...I love my pasty legs but there are limits to how pasty I'm willing to look!

In my haste to make this gorgeous creature I forgot to finish the neckline facing...So I had to bust out the pinking shears and go old skool, I actually looks quite vintage and retro so I don't mind!

HACK TIP: The bodice would actually make a fabulous little cropped blouse if you added a waistband and some buttons ...

The fabric was nice to work with but can pull quite easily if you aren't careful. As for pattern matching, I wish I could have matched the front a bit better but quite frankly I hate waste and this fabric was hella expensive!

I considered adding buttons, but couldn't find any that looked right with this so I hand stitched the placket closed instead. I figure If I find some buttons I can add them at a later date and since the dress can be taken off and on without the need for using the button opening it gives me a bit of flexibility. Button suggestions welcome! I did think about self-covered buttons so I may do that with the scraps I have left.

Overall I am in love and can't wait to wear this with my new No Basic Bomshell earrings (check out this amazing indie brand if you are looking for some statement earrings!) ...

I'll get a pic of me actually wearing it soon but I'm having a greasy hair and dungarees week this week!

I love how seventies-tastic it is! What would you make with this fabric?

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