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On Wednesdays we wear pink!

I've always had a love affair with pink but don't have a huge amount in my wardrobe. This year however I've been attracted to it even more, not sure it's because the weather has been so lovely and it makes me feel all summery or if my style has slightly changed and I've become braver about my fashion choices since moving to a city.

I saw some gorgeous makes with the Venus pink viscose from Sew me Sunshine and was inspired to make a really girly dress to wear to my SIL's wedding (which is now scheduled for next April...ruddy COVID!)

I decided to hack the Myosotis dress pattern by Deer and Doe by removing the collar and lowering the neckline (totally inspired by Emily's version over at Self Assembly Required) and adding some lovely voluminous sleeves.

I drafted a cuff which I think gives it a really polished look, and as with all my Myosotis dresses, I added a 'fake' button placket to the front as I find I can slip this dress over my head easily without having to use buttons!

I also added ties to the back so I can bring the waist in and give it more of an hourglass look. I used the Hinterland dress waist ties for this as I like that they are a bit wider

I also added a bit of length to the skirt so it's a slightly longer fact I'm pretty sure I used the indigo dress pattern skirt pieces to do this 😂So, in fact, this is a right mash-up of a dress! I absolutely adore it though and can't wait to wear it out out ASAP!

It does give me slight nightgown vibes...but I'm OK with that and any dress that has an expanding waist is good with me!

I've got more versions of this dress planned in darker colours as it's my ideal dress shape.

Keep your eyes peeled for another pink dress coming to the blog soon...

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