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My scrap busting pouffe

I've always wanted one of those gorgeous Moroccan floor pouffes but never invested...and I'm so glad I didn't! This Closet Core free pattern makes the perfect scrap busting pouffe which is perfect for relaxing and watching telly or for your dog to perch on...which mine does!

I started a quilt topper about 5 years ago with some amazing Art Gallery fabrics from the Arizona range and it's been sat in my WIP box for all that time...shameful I know! However, once lockdown started I had a fair bit of spare time on my hands and I needed to keep busy so I sorted through my old fabrics and came across it. I'd seen a few people make this pouffe and I loved it so it seemed like the perfect plan to use the quilt top to make this pouffe. The Closet Core version is made up of triangles for the top, but since my quilt is made of triangles I simply cut a round for the top and bottom and strips for the side panels.

I've never made piping before so was keen to give it a go. I used some cord I had in my stash and my zipper foot to stitch strips of fabric encasing the cord, it was very satisfying! I then applied this to the outer edge of the top and bottom pieces.

I added a zip to the bottom and stuffed it with lots of fabric offcuts, but this would also make great storage options for clothes you arent currently wearing or winter jumpers!

I'm going to make another in denim as I have a few pairs of thrifted jeans I used for a magazine project I've just completed and my little girl would like a small pouffe for her room.

I would encourage you to give this a go, It's pretty simple and a great way of using up scraps or leftover fabrics from other projects :)

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