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My #makenine2020

So who else planned out their make nine and then added about ninety-nine more garments to it...?!

I'm like a woman possessed when it comes to sewing at the moment, but that's probably due to the fact that lockdown has meant my workload has slowed and that the things I have been making have turned out really well...apart from one dress which was an epic fail... I'll tell you about that later! So I'm feeling on a roll and have a lovely bunch of dresses to wear in this warmer weather.

So this is what my make nine looked like in January...

I've made all of them apart from the kid's dress and the McCall's fact I've made two Kalle Shirts, two Myosotis, and another 3 Indigo dresses!! As well as a Shelby Romper and Tilly Seren dress. Plus a pair of trousers, a skirt, and shorts for my little one with my leftover fabrics :)

Here are a few pics, I'll get some of e actually wearing these dresses soon but for now here are some sneak peeks.

There is a lot of black...but that's my jam, I've made lots of bright things in the past and don't wear them as often so I wanted to add some really wearable pieces to my #memade wardrobe, those had dresses you can just chuck on with a cardie and trainers or sandals in the summer. Saying that, I could not resist the rainbow Rayon by #rubystarsociety (top left)...isn't she a beaut!

I've got a rust-colored Hinterland on my cutting table at the moment and I want to make the Axis dress soon. I've also got some black crepe which will become a simple midi dress...I might use the Shelby pattern for this and make it midi length...possibly with a hacked puff sleeve...ooh so much sewing and plenty of time...what a treat!

Sewing is very therapeutic and it's definitely helping to keep me busy during the pandemic. I've also been working on some gorgeous projects for Simply Sewing which I can share with you when they are published. For now, you can browse my other projects on the home page gallery :)

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