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How do you organise your clothes?

I moved house at the end of 2019 and luckily we have a really great sized bedroom, but it has two nooks at the front where fitted wardrobes could go quite nicely... I don't know if that's the best use of the space though, and we can't afford it at the moment!. I've also found in the past that clothes hidden away in a cupboard don't get to see the light of day...literally, I forget about them usually deferring to the few things I can easily reach for and that I know suit me, it means I'm not making the most of the clothes I have and not experimenting more with combinations and certain items get forgotten.

I've been using the Ikea clothes rails for a few years now as it means I can have everything laid out in order...skirts/ dresses/ shirts etc.

I don't have a dresser either so my poor clothes were living all jumbled in a hanging pod at the end of the rail before we moved...the shame!

I decided to buy some inexpensive wooden shelves to tide me over until we actually decorate our new bedroom (which will be a while off!) but I love how I can see everything really easily and I actually find it really inspiring to look at!

I use Jelly totes to store my handbags and other bits and pieces on the top shelf. Then I have my Lotta clogs displayed (too pretty to hide away!). I bought some of the hanging baskets to store my hairdryer/ straighteners and accessories then have all my jeans/ jumper and t-shirts on the shelves below. It's not perfect but seeing all that colour every morning when I wake up is really motivating and I'm finding I'm resorting to black less and less (though it's still my fave obvs!). There were also some nails in the walls when we moved in so I rotate my me-made dresses on the nails and it's the first thing I see when I wake up...unless I'm facing my husband!

How do you organise your clothes? have they neatly hidden ina cupboard or displayed in a walk-in wardrobe...the dream!!

I'm going to carry on trawling Pinterest for bedroom inspiration but in the meantime, this will do nicely :)

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