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Another Pink dress...with Tigers!

As soon as I saw this fabric available for pre-orders on the Crafty Mastermind I knew I HAD to have it!! It's by my favourite fabric design house, Ruby Star Society, and it's a beautiful weight Rayon. It also came in a yellow colourway but I'm never sure about yellow with my red hair but I wish I'd got some anyway as it's sold out everywhere now!

I decided to show of the print to the max I'd go for the tried and tested Indigo dress with add on pack from Tilly and the Buttons as it's comfy and looks great.

I've worn this dress a couple of times and it's definitely a statement! I want all my dresses to have tigers on now!

You can see from this picture that it was a bit hot as I'm very red 🤣🥵 But the dress kept me as cool as was possible on that day! I'll definitely add a belt to dress it up as Autumn approaches and add a cardi!

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